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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is 6:00. good morning. thursday march 19th. i am tori campbell in for pam cook this morning. >> a brand new day. good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk weather and traffic. steve paulson has it all covered. >> pretty nice here. what is new? by the after moon bay airport, however, you may be dealing with fog. we will see how that plays out. otherwise it is clear. a little chill in the morning air. there are a couple of upper 30s. what? yes. napa airport checked in at 39 degrees. if you are suffering from allergies, and let's face it,
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you probably have since january, the trees continue to be very, very high. juniper, ash and oak all high. grass and weeds, you know they are ready, but not yet. southern california dealing with clouds and rain. patchy fog by the coast, but so far the san mateyo coast only. 52 for a start there. 40 at napa airport. santa rosa is 42. san jose is 49. southern california could be dicey, even in the dessert of arizona where there is spring training. upper 70s inland to near 80s. antioch to clear lake. all right. anything new to report here? we do have more slow traffic, steve, as we get later in the morning. we will see more slowing around the bay area. we will start off with the drive between the cartinas bridge and the macarthur maze.
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normally it takes about 18 minutes. it is still doing that which is nice. a little bit of a window to get a nice commute to the macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge, though, there is waiting to do, right now at the toll plaza act a 15 minute delay. nothing too bad but slower than 20 minutes ago. as we look at san jose, we are seeing developing slow traffic on northbound 101 past the 280 interchange into the valley. 580 is slow from livermore to the altamonte pass. more slow traffic on 680 now south of pleasanton and into fremont. back to the desk now at 6:02. >> thank you, sal. kayaker who died near tomales bay despite rescue efforts has been identified. he was a well liked professor at santa rosa junior college where he taught classes. ktvu tara moriarty is there. tara, what had you heard about
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the professor? >> reporter: yes. the 55-year-old nicholas annis taught here at the college. he was very popular and a great story teller, although he was a tough grader apparently. a lot of students said in an online blog his course was a life-changer. yesterday afternoon around 4:30annis and his friend were kay yakking when they were kayaking off dillon beach. he fell off the boat and his friend jumped in to try to help him but annis disappeared. the friend was rescue from the rocky shore. then annis' body was spotted an hour later in the bay. we will get more from campus and let you know what everywhere here has to say about the loved professor. live from santa rosa, tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you, tara. it is 6:03.
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authorities have identified the driver who was shot and killed tuesday night by san francisco police. there is a small memorial where it happened. officers say 24-year-old ellis brown was driving recklessly in the area of venice avenue and pine street. she say she drove the wrong way on a one-way street, suicideswiped parked cars and tried to run down officers before they shot and killed her. the woman's brother said his sister lived a troubled life including drug addiction and crime. a 1-year-old and the baby's mother were hit in a crosswalk near the on-ramp to i-808 when they were hit. >> reporter: this woman was pushing her baby boy in a stroller when they were both hit last night. the chp confirm that is both mother and child were in that crosswalk that leads on to
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interstate 80 northbound off of westbound tennyson road. as you can imagine, this is an area where cars will tend to pick up speed as drivers get on to the freeway. this crash happened around 7:00 last night. a white suv slammed into the 21- year-old mother and 1-year-old son leaving them both with major injuries. the driver involved, a 22-year- old woman from hayward that stayed here at the scene and cooperated with investigators. it does not look like she was under the influence. the chp is continuing to gather evidence here and trying to figure out if speed may have played a role in the crash. >> at this point we are unable to determine if the vehicle was, in fact, speeding, or just entering at an aagreable speed. >> reporter: the driver was not sited and allowed to leave staff accident last night. the chp will also be looking into whether the time of day and setting sun may have contributed to the crash.
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it happened, again, about 7:00 at night. the suv was driving in the westbound direction. another issue potentially at play here at this crosswalk, the chp points out there is no meter or light to let people know when it is safe to cross the street. back to you. >> alex savage. the time is 6:05. counselors at san francisco juvenile hall want permission to carry mace and pepper spray. according to the examiner they made the request last week at the juvenile probation hearing. the counselors say since they can't carry weapons, pepper spray would help them in case there is trouble but some say pepper spray has the potential for misuse. the department plans to install better security cameras to improve safety and security. we are expected to hear from the ceo of tesla about the software update he says will boost the range of the company's electric cars. more in a news conference this
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morning. tesla's software update will increase battery life, easing range anxiety where drivers are concerned about running out of a charge before getting where they are going. their stock rose 3% yesterday. and another incentive in the works for electric car buyers, pg&e proposed a one time rebate that could kick in as soon as next year. the salt amount will be announced in september. the state currently provides a $2,500 rebate to electric car buyers and there is a federal tax credit of $7,500. president obama is floating an idea to get more americans to vote. make it mandatory. >> australia and other countries have mandatory voting. it would be transformative if everybody voted. >> now the president said that yesterday in cleveland while addressing a civic group about campaign finance reform. australia and a few other countries make it mandatory for everybody to vote.
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it is like jury duty is required here in the u.s. but many americans look at non- voting as making a political statement. >> non-voting is also a legitimate choice that some people make. i wish more people would participate in politics too, but that is choice of living in a free society. >> it would take an constitutional amendment to make mandatory voting happen here in the u.s. but that doesn't appear to be at the top of anybody's agenda, at least at the moment. it is 6:08. the san francisco zoo is denying claims it is spying on workers. officials say they bought a new radio system to handle emergency, but the teamster's union accused management of turning on a feature in the radios that allows officials to ease drop on private conversations of employees. the union scheduled a new's conference today and zoo officials say they have no interest of monitoring conversations of employees and disabled the listening feature on the radios. >> all right.
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the time is 6:09. a woman in richmond is actually leaving her home because of out of control violence. >> we have to say no more death. no more violence. >> coming up at 6:30, the one thing she says has to happen before she moves back. >> but first, a san francisco church admits to dousing homeless people with water and what officials are doing after public outrage. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy as you are driving in some areas. the eastbound commute and southbound 680 is okay getting into freemont. >> the last full day of winter with a mini summertime pattern with 60s near the coast and dare i say 80 inland. we will look at that, coming up.
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. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is 6:12. investigators say there is no evidence linking robert durst to the killing of a bay area teenager in 1997. he will be extradited to los angeles to stand trial in the murder of a friend in 2000. bay area police are looking into whether durst is connected to the disappearance of kristen monteferry, a student living near lake merritt last seen at the oakland mall.
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officials can't find evidence yet indicating durst was involved in the teenager's disappearance. meanwhile, this man was accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage yesterday. the 41-year-old excon activity allegedly -- convict allegedly killed one person and killed four more. he was spotted at a nearby apartment building. he served three sinces in prison since 1994. he is accused of the shootings, a carjacking and home invasion which all happened before he was arrested. 6:13. happening today, a hearing is set at san francisco city hall to look into recent fires and flooding concerns in the mission district. an apartment building fire in january is one of a couple of large fires in the neighborhood this year. one tenant died, while 20 others lost their homes. supervisor david campos will ask the fire department and building inspectors about the causes and frequencies of fires
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in the mission district. campos will also hold a hearing to study persistent flooding in the mission during storms. the time is 6:13. an apologize now from san francisco's catholic archdiocese for using sprinklers to spray water on the homeless sleeping in the doorways of saint mary's cathedral. they started using the sprinklers because people had been using the doorways as bathrooms and leaving behind dangerous items like used needles, but when the news first broke about it, the reaction was outrage. >> i wonder what pope francis would say if he heard what this church and officials were doing. it is outrageous. >> the archdiocese says they started removal the sprinkler system installed two years ago. the city of berkeley is considering regulations regarding street behavior, including panhandling, public
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urination and sleeping against trees or participanters. these regulation -- or planters. the city council say the regulations are necessary to keep the public safe. they say the homeless do not need to be criminalled but that there should be more city programs to get them off the streets. air b & b is being used to raise awareness about homelessness. they are putting up postings like these advertising homeless sleeping spaces for rent. the asking price about $10 a night all of which will be donated to organization that is support the homeless. in addition to helping, the men also want to highlight the economic disparities in some of the most sought after and expensive neighborhoods of the city. really brave people -- i wanted to be one of them -- will repel 23 stories down from the roof of a hyatt regency in san francisco today, giving deserving students summertime fun. today is second annual skyline challenge. you can do that, tori.
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>> i don't think so! >> some local celebrities and others will make the 230-foot journey down the side of the hyatt hotel on market street. here you can see the former 49er guy mack inspire -- mcintyre making it look real easy. the funds help with summer adventures for low income students. in basketball it was billed as a possible nba finals preview, but the west beat the east last night. talk about the warriors. they made it look easy! the warriors beat the storied atlanta hawks 114-95. it wasn't close. harrison barnes went off and andreing da what have season highs, 25 and 21 points respectively, and steph occurny a double-double. yes. 16 points -- steph curry, 16 point, 12 assists.
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look at that. tomorrow night the warriors play the new orleans pelicans. they will be ready for that, too. >> i heard the coach says he doesn't want to think about the finals. they have a long way to go. >> but they look to be in phenominal shape. yes. >> and sal, hopefully traffic is in good shape this thursday morning. yes. let's go. let's do this. let's go out -- and by the way, i have to say andre and harrison playing like that, man, we will win -- they will win! let's take a look at what we have now. a new minor accident that may cause damage to the commute on the on-ramp to southbound 880 at hisfe are, rian.
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crazy the peninsula, san francisco to san bruno in the airport area not looking bad. the east shore freeway this morning is hopping all over the area. good from hercules to richmond. an opportunity for you to get out there before things get too bad. at the toll plaza traffic backed up with a 20 minute delay there. no major problems on the span. westbound 24 from walnut creek to lafayette and oakland crowded but still looking pretty good. speaking of looking pretty good, who came in? thank you. [ laughing ] >> the weather, steve. >> oh, yes. it will be looking pretty good! half-moon bay to monterey a little fog there. be careful there. otherwise clear. a little cold. napa airport briefly dipped to 39 degrees, yes they did. now they are sitting at 40. that is not much but that system right there is the only
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thing really that will see the coast. most of the coast will be sunny. oakland is not. a high today of 73 there today. san jose 75 on the high side. average is 67. the record high not that warm, 82 in 1988. the record low, another impressive one, 28 in 1894. cold one! cold in napa this morning. 39. 64 downtown. we will go 77 degrees for a high. 49 in fairfield now. 40 in napa, 40s for long creek, livermore, 43 santa rosa. water temps have come down a little bit. bodega bay 53, closer to normal. san francisco 56. monterey 56. still running a little above. closer to low 50s is where they
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should be. 19 in truckee. 54 in redding. south lake tahoe is 27. blue canyon a very mild 49 degrees. this system will give out little cool down tomorrow. a little more of an increase in a westerly breeze and a spin in the atmosphere all the way down to san diego, producing a little cloud cover and a lot of cloud cover and rain around phoenix. you can see some areas really lighting up here early in the morning, an active day down there. some of it works its way to southern california, mainly the dessert. san diego and los angeles dealing with cloud cover. we are not. it will be sunny and mild. patchy fog so far. upper 70s to near 80. really? yes, really. 80 for clear lake. vacaville, novato 75. 81 in antioch. 82 brentwood. 77 in livermore and alameda.
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68 martz. 79 in gilroy. -- martinez. 63 in half-moon bay. this is it for winter. tomorrow spring begins. clouds and a cooler pattern for the weekend. >> ready or not. >> yes. >> steve, thank you. >> you bet. the time now is 6:20. controversy in virginia this morning. an african-american college student arrested and wrestled to the ground. coming up in 23 minute, the claims of police brutality and now the state's governor is getting involved. >> but first, concerns over delapidated buildings in one east bay city. what happened when 2 investigates got involved.
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. well, 2 investigates concerns from east bay neighborhoods about da lap dated buildings becoming a magnet for drugs and crime. at least 17 former town homes have been empty for years and are falling apart, full of graffiti and debris. >> if this was a private own are, the city would come in and have it tagged and within two weeks it would be bulldozed out of here. >> the city says they don't have money to tear down the buildings and are looking for a private developer to get involved. uber is being sued by taxi
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for false advertising. 19 taxi companies filed a complaint in san francisco. uber claims it is safest drive on the road and has the strictest safety standards possible. uber calls the lawsuit frivolous and operates in 290 cities around the world. new york city yellow cabs are now outnumbered by uber cars. there are over 14,000 registered uber cars in new york compared with 13,500 yellow cabs. however taxis are still the ride of choice, picking up over 400,000 more fares a day than uber. they can be really hard to find when it the raining outside. it is 6:26. the death toll is rio rise from from the roe attack in northern african -- from the terror attack in northern african. what the government is says about the attackers and who they are looking for. starbucks is asking to
6:27 am
write something on coffee cubs they give to their customers. more on that, coming up. >> and a busy commute in many bay area areas. the richmond bridge approach looks good, but others are not so lucky. >> except before a little fog on the san mateyo and santa cruz coast. good for temps. we will look at those, coming up. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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. well, good morning to you. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". it is already thursday, march 19th. i am dave clark. >> and i am tori campbell in for pam cook. how is it looking on the coast, steve? >> still a little fog on the coast and cool for some. not too bad. a lot more 40s we had briefly at napa airport, 39 degrees
6:30 am
there. a little chill in the morning air but another lovely day in oakland and alameda. on the coast patchy fog. shallow. won't do much. but if you are suffering from the allergies, i am just the merge. i am not responsible. the juniper, ash and oak trees are raring to go. this system i am standing in front of will give it a little on shore push and high fog but high pressure is largely in charge, squashing the fog. 68 for a high today in san francisco. san mateyo clear skies and 47. 60 there for a high today. and there are 40s around. napa 40. nova doe 44. southern california clouds, arizona has rain but we don't.
6:31 am
sunshine, mild to warm and patchy fog around monterey, maybe santa cruz and half-moon bay. upper 70s to inland areas and 60s closer to the coast today. how is traffic, sal? we have had a couple of minor accident and slowdowns to be sure. in the east bay, take a look at the commute at the approach to the san mateyo brick and the peninsula. westbound 92 traffic looks good. no problems on the way. 880 northbound and southbound a little slow approaching the 92 interchange in hayward. looking at a commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on and traffic will be busy as you drive through. at the santa clara valley, the drop in the valley may be easier to get there compared to later. the traffic continues to look
6:32 am
good all the way up to couper tino and sunnyvale. 6:31 and back to the desk. we now know the name of a kayaker that died near toe malless bay. -- toe malless bay. tara moriarty, you are there at the college where he taught classes? >> reporter: yes, i apparently he really challenged his students and was inspirational according to online blog the. yesterday afternoon around 4:30annis and his friend were kayaking when they lab into trouble north of dylan beach. his friend tried to help him and ended up falling in, too. the friend was able to swim to shore but annis disappeared.
6:33 am
a helicopter crew rescued the friend from the rocky shore and annis' body was spotted an hour later in the bay. we will try to get reaction from annis' colleague on campus today. i is spring break so probably not a lot of students. with social media quite oo few people know, however. he was just a beloved professor. we hope to learn a little more about his life here. live in santa rosa, tara moriarty. back to you. time is now 6:33. a woman and 1-year-old child suffered very serious injuries, hit by an suv last night in hayward. chp says she was pushing her child in a stroller in the crosswalk near the tennyson road on-ramp to 880. the driver stopped at the scene after the collision and is cooperating with the investigators who say alcohol and drugs don't appear to be
6:34 am
factors in the crash. and a 5-year-old girl? the hospital in critical condition after a similar didn't. the mother and child were in a crosswalk at the stonestown mall galleria yesterday when they were hit. the driver is an 86-year-old woman. the mother has head injuries and the child a broken arm. it is coming up on 6:34. your morning coffee may come with a side of social commentary next time you go into starbucks, designed to promote dialogue about race. but it has instead prompted a dialogue on the whole campaign. jeanine has more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. so far the customers we have encountered at this starbucks don't seem to mind when we ask them about the topic, but a lot of paris tas are not putting the stickers on -- baristas are not putting the stickers on the cup reading
6:35 am
race together. they are being asked to put it on the cups bubbaeries tas, some of them, say they are -- cups, but baristas say they are uncomfortable and don't want to take the time to engage in conversation about race relations with long lines at this busy starbucks. online there has been backlash as well. people have been sending angry tweets saying it is not starbucks place to start this conversation. one starbucks executive ended up deleting his twitter account because he said all the mean comments were democraticking from what this was supposed to be, a respectful conversation. here is what some customers told thus morning. >> i am not going to feel uncomfortable. i think it is okay. i think it is a very good idea to interact with people, customers. >> it is the whole race thing, about humanity and not so much about race. i think it is a good message.
6:36 am
why not? you know? we should be asking why not do it. >> reporter: some customers don't want to be bothered with this topic when they are trying to rush off to work and starbucks should stay out of it. starbucks is says is a customer does not want the words on their cup, they don't have to. the busy store here doesn't want to hold up lines talking about such a deep topic like race relations. one barista is wearing a sticker that says race together on it. she says if somebody asked her about it, then she will go in and explain more about it. >> it is kind of like an opt in instead of opt out option i guess you could say. >> yes. it is 6:36. police are searching for suspects in what was apparently a random attack at man at a
6:37 am
convenience store at university square shopping her center on schneider lane. a witness called police to report a man was on the ground being kicked in the parking lot. he is identified as 32-year-old adam martin. doctors say his neck was broken and he was badly hurt, but he does not recall the attack. police have not been able to come one a motive. a woman in richmond is going public about fearing out of control violence in her neighborhood and says she is moving out, at least for now. >> it hurts to see the children of this community feed on each other. >> that is ann cyrus. she says she was home tuesday night when someone started firing shots just outside her door at her 18-year-old son. she thinks he was targeted only because he knows a man suspected of shooting someone else earlier this month. she says she is tired of people looking for revenge. >> i don't know if they think
6:38 am
killing one of us will bring their loved one back or give them some satisfaction, but it is not. >> cyrus says she has lived in this neighborhood for years and never backed down from a fight, but no longer feels safe and has moved into a motel and says she will stay there until police catch the gunman that fired shots at her son. agents in tunisia arrested four people in connection with a terrorist attack in a museum. it is believed they are accomplices to two gunman that stormed the museum yesterday. the death toll rose to 23 overnight. many victims are tourists from france, spain and japan. tunisia's prime minister said the two gunman were islamists and known to law enforcement.
6:39 am
happening today, governor jerry brown and state lawmakers will introduce a package of laws to help california cope with the drought. now, the legislation is said to include money for safe drinking water, water conservation projects, and emergency food for farm workers who are hurt because the drought has impacted the overall economy. the legislation would spend $1 billion on issues related to the drought. the governor has called on all californians to conserve water but so far there is no state- wide mandatory water rations. it is 6:39. a call for change at san francisco's juvenile hall. the safety precautions counselors want to take after recent outbursts of violence and why they might be denied.
6:40 am
and live in san francisco tension has boiled over at the regions board meeting over tuition increases. coming up, comments made by uc president janet napolitano yesterday that has caused controversy this morning. . >> weather weis a nice day on tap. fog levels at the coast. the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models.
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. there is strong criticism of the uc president janet napolitano said after comments she made yesterday during uc region's board meeting when tensions were very high may have been meant to stay quiet. good morning, brian. >> reporter: yes. yesterday's uc region's board meeting was certainly filled -- regent's board meeting was certainly filled with tension. take a listen... . [ inaudible/not understandable ]. >> it may have been a private moment but it was public as it was record tonight uc website.
6:44 am
student were chaptering napolitano turns over to bruce varner and says quote here, let's go. we don't have to listen to this crap. student protestors were led out after that by university police. student concerns over a tuition hike with roughly a 5% increase every year for the next five years certainly hitting a boiling point. the governor and napolitano formed a committee of two as you recall to discuss ways to fund the uc system moving forward with the hopes of not increasing tuition. a progress report with details was expected yesterday, but instead there was a lot of hearing quote progress is being made but with very little detail on the progress. it certainly had students frustrated. >> overall i feel like there was so much we could have used this time to talk about what is going on, especially this morning, when obviously there is still a lot of student tension regarding tuition, for example. >> reporter: governor brown said he would oppose giving additional state funds to the
6:45 am
uc system if a tuition increase continues. napolitano argues without additional funding the quality of uc education will be greatly diminished. back out here live, this is day three of the uc regent's meeting happening later on this morning. it remains unclear the progress of both the governor and napolitano made for the most part. they are scheduled to meet again next month with another progress report and see for the student's sake whether they will be seeing increased tuition moving forward. still a lot of questions to be answered. >> yes, thank you, brian. at the university of virginia chambers of police brutality after an am student is arrested and wrestled to the ground. 20-year-old martice johnson needed ten stitches to the head
6:46 am
after being wrestled to the ground after trying to get into a bar and denied. he was agitated and belligerent. cell phone video and pictures show johnson on the ground with blood all over his face on the ground. >> whether it happens on the football field or in a case like this, my heart went out to him. i would not want anything bad to happen to one of my students. >> yes. the university of virginia says this arrest is another case of excessive police force against an african-american man. virginia's governor is calling for an independent investigation of the incident. cars would expect to see on the streets are the stars wednesday nights at sonoma raceway. how do you like that? it is start of race season. it is hopes that amateurs racing on the famous racetrack will keep the streets safer. there is traditional drag
6:47 am
racing where everything from classic muscle cars to motor homes and the occasional prius will race each other and the clock. on the other side there are the drifters. you can see from the camera mounted on the side of this car, the drivers try to stay as close as they can to a lead car. >> we hear people say yes, i want the do everything i can. the reason i don't do it on the streets, i don't want to hit anybody, go on the sidewalks and be responsible for that. >> there is a chance as well to race a cop in a patrol car, for real. it is supposed to be a bonding experience for teenagers. and for the police. these exciting events continue straight through november. >> that is interesting. well, sal, what is happening on the roads? hopefully not as crazy driving as that. >> racing a prius? >> hey, you never know. >> kind of like low fat pizza! good morning, everybody! let look look-out at contra
6:48 am
costa highway and 4 westbound. slow with an earlier hazard near the baypoint exit but the traffic is slow now as it normally is. the commute has shifted. southbound 680 in concord at highway 4 a crash. doesn't sound too serious but slow traffic after that from 242 to pleasant hill. it gets better by the time you reach walnut creek. southbound 808 from hayward into fremont a little slow traffic. southbound 880 a new crash reported at stevenson. the crash will be there -- i am trying to figure out if it is on the shoulder or not, but it is there and you can see slow traffic approaching it. let's move along and look at live pictures of westbound bay bridge backed up to macarthur maze. no major problems. southbound commute not bad by the way. we will took at that in a few. now to steve in the weather center. clear skies. a little fog along the san
6:49 am
mateyo-santa cruz coast. otherwise a nice day, too and warm. upper 70s to near 80 degrees. the fog, again, is pretty shallow. not making much of an impact. if you are stuck on highway 1, you may encounter some. this system, weak as it may be, will be enough to give the coast a little westerly breeze. inland it won't matter. 51 to start in oakland. a high of 73 nice degrees. san jose above average. 75 and 48, at least the low is close to average, 67 on the high side, way above. record highs not that worm. 82 in 19 -- warm in 19 # 8. -- of 82 in 1988. areas of clouds and rain in southern california but not
6:50 am
here. look at arizona, my goodness. phoenix has things on the move here. they are lighting up very early in the morning. an active day there, not as much toward tucson but phoenix lots of activity. some of it moves to the west in california and mainly will dessert. for us, sunshine and mild to warm, maybe very warm for some of you. anything over 75 is warm for some of you. that was my mom, 75. mom is only 76. she says too warm! i get it. antioch is 81 for a high today. 60s closer to the coast. clear lake 80. vacaville 81. novato 75. 70 in alwaysly toe, 80s low in pittsburg, antioch, brentwood and livermore. spring begins tomorrow, the
6:51 am
first full day. we will see clouds and a little cooler pattern for that first day of spring. maybe rain on monday. that is monday, not today. >> spring has already started. >> thank you. the time is 6:50. a hearing on the recent string of fires in the san francisco mission district, coming up in 20 minute, the pattern prompting city leaders to have tough questions of building inspectors later today. but first. >> i am not getting any younger. >> retired giants 3rd base coach tim flannery talking about leaving the game. why he knew it was time to hang it up.
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. well, welcome back to "mornings on 2". one of the men accused in the shooting death of an oakland mother is due in court today. 19-year-old anthony simms is facing murder and several weapons charges. he may enter a plea. the prosecutors say he admitted to being involved in the shootout last week that killed shamile pierce. the 30-year-old mother was trying to protect her children from the bullets when she was hit by a stray bullet outside her home. two other people police say were involved in the shootout intel have been arrested. investigators say they still don't know who fired the fatal shot. a san jose woman is in hot water this morning after state agents busted her for owning
6:55 am
the taxidermied bodies of several endangered species. doorways are zest ex-partly cloudy skies ex-doctors action said she had no idea that would get her in trouble with the law. she now has to pay a $3,600 fine and serve 300 hours of community service. >> i never had a problem like that in my life. i need to work everyday to find the money. >> she no longer plans to why animals off of ebay and wants ebay to do a better job of explaining and regulating what is legal and what is not. ebay told us they do provide information to all users about the various laws related to sales of animals and wildlife parts. it is 6:55.
6:56 am
the ncaa tournament began tuesday but the real march madness kicks off just over two hours from now. there are 16 games today including overall number one seed kentucky looking to continue their perfect season. there are 16 games tomorrow. the tournament has also meant low productivity in many workplaces, one firm estimates the cost to american employers of wages to distracted or unproductive workers could reach nearly $2 billion this year. the ncaa women's tournament gets under way tomorrow. cal and stamford are in, each getting a number 4 seed and the golden bears host wichita state and the cardinals host cal state northridge saturday afternoon. and the stamford men's team will host rhode island on sunday night. they are the only team left in the nat after the st. marys lost last night, beaten by vanderbilt in the first round. they led by 9 early and trailed
6:57 am
for the final 28 minutes. he is a great guy and one of the san francisco giant's most popular coaches is not at spring training this year. 3rd base coach tim flannery said good-bye to the game. >> i have been in five world series and won three of them. i figured let somebody else have some fun. >> that is not bad. flannery spent 26 years in major league baseball and enjoyed watching young players become stars and become household names. he also loves music and loves being on stage. he cut 13 albums. he will always love baseball but he knew it was time to walk away. >> i didn't retire because i am rich. i retired because i was going to die so i went back and did is schedule again. it is that difficult. i am not getting any younger. for me it was the perfect time to send myself home. >> he can sing, too.
6:58 am
>> yes. >> he won't be waving his arm anymore. even though at&t won't be home anymore, his heart will always be with the san francisco giants. >> i guess you have to think it is a lot of stress to be focused and deal with that kind of game. >> yes. and coming up, a mother and young child now suffering serious injuries after being hit in hey war. >> and starbucks brewing up a hot debay with a new campaign, encouraging people to talk about race. up next, a closer look at the online reaction to this controversial plan.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a mother and her one-year-old son hospitalized this morning with very serious injuries after they were hit by an suv while crossing the street last night. we will tell you how a man who came upon this crash describes the disturbing scene. starbucks stirring up controversy with a launch of a new campaign to encourage discussions about race. reaction to the company's plan to combine coffee sales with social issues. it's all ahead on ktvu "mornings


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